Mental Health

Louise Mewton - University of NSW
'The long-term effectiveness of a combined prevention model for anxiety, depression and substance use in adolescents.'

Delyse Hutchinson - Deakin University, VIC
'Breaking the inter generational cycle of mental disorder: A longitudinal study of the social determinants of childhood psycho social adjustment problems.’ 

Sonja March – University of Southern Queensland, QLD
'Improving efficiency of online cognitive behavior therapy for childhood anxiety through stepped care.'

Caroline Donovan – Griffith University, QLD
'Improving preschoolers' Transition to School: Targeting Sleep Problems.'

Elizabeth Elliott – University of Sydney, NSW
'Longitudinal study of well being and quality of life in remote Indigenous youth: the Biswun Kid* Project.'

Justin Kenardy – University of Queensland, QLD
'Effectiveness trial of the CARE screen-and-treat early intervention for improving physical and mental health outcomes in young injured children and their parents.'

Sian McLean – Victoria University, VIC
'Enhancing social media literacy to decrease body dissatisfaction: A randomized controlled trial.'

Amanda Baker – University of Newcastle, NSW
'Pilot randomized controlled trial of a telephone delivered intervention for co-morbid mental health disorders and hazardous alcohol use misuse among young people.'

Sally Fitzpatrick – Macquarie University, NSW
'Reducing the impact of bullying victimization on children's mental health outcomes.'

Tegan Cruwys – University of Queensland, QLD
'Groups 4 health: Can a social identity intervention reduce social isolation in young adults more effectively than traditional cognitive behavior therapy?'

Mark Boyes – Curtin University, WA
'Promoting mental health in children with dyslexia: Piloting the 'clever kids' program.'

Mental Health
Post Doctorals

Nicole Reilly – University of Newcastle, NSW
'Prevention and early intervention for maternal mental illness: a research program that will inform policy and clinical practice.'

Erin Hoare – Deakin University, VIC
'Lifestyle modification to prevent common mental illness among young Australians: A community-based systems approach.'

Ian Scott
PhD Scholarships (Mental Health)

Angela Nicholas – University of Melbourne, VIC
'Building a suicide prevention campaign targeted at family members and friends of those at risk of suicide.'

Rebecca Blackmore – Monash University, VIC
'Perinatal mental health in women of refugee backgrounds.'

Bianca Kavanagh – Deakin University, VIC
'Personality disorder as a moderator of psychiatric clinical outcomes.'

Illaria Pozzato – University of Sydney, NSW
'Preventing mental health problems following motor vehicle crash, by early detection of high risk survivors (the IMPRINT study).'

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PhD Scholarships

Gabriela Visini - Western Sydney University, NSW
'Cannabidol: a new preventative treatment for schizophrenia?'
David Henning Memorial Foundation Scholarship/Rotary Club of Parramatta, D9675

Michelle Kenny - University of NSW, NSW
'Evaluating the effectiveness of a trauma informed parenting intervention for Indigenous parents’ mental health and attachment quality.'
Rotary Club of Sydney

Noor Saleem Mohammed Jarbou - University of Wollongong, NSW
'The effects of treated and untreated depression during pregnancy on offspring behavior and brain development.'
Rotary Club of Liverpool West 

Lisa Furlong - University of Melbourne, VIC
'A brain imaging study of social and emotional processing in bipolar disorder.'
Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund

Georgios Kastrappis - University of Melbourne, VIC
‘Renin Angiotensin System (RAS) inhibitors combined with tumour resection in the treatment of colorectal cancer liver metastasis (CRCLM)’
Rotary District 9675

Daphne Foong - Western Sydney University, NSW
‘Characterising the role of interstitial cells cajal (ICC) in human stem cell-derived gut organoids’
Rotary Club of Devonport

Mandy Gibson - Griffith University, VIC
‘Translation and replication of a successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth suicide prevention and wellbeing intervention’
Basil Shaw Scholarship, Rotary Club of Toowong